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A first-of-a-kind digital marketplace to buy and sell sustainable rail freight

RailX had an ambitious vision: to transform the rail freight industry with a groundbreaking, environmentally sustainable digital marketplace. RailX aimed to make intermodal rail freight accessible to all, from large corporations to small businesses. The challenge was to develop a digital platform that not only simplified rail freight booking but also underscored the company's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

Embracing RailX’s vision, we embarked on this project with a focus on agility, innovation, and environmental sustainability. We recognized the need for a platform that was as forward-thinking in its technology as it was in its commitment to the environment. The project required an approach that combined sophisticated technology with user-friendly design, ensuring accessibility for businesses of various sizes.

We knew that OutSystems was the perfect technology platform, renowned for its rapid development capabilities. We conducted detailed scoping sessions, agile development sprints, and meticulous data model design, placing a strong emphasis on user interface (UI) design, customer journey analysis, and process automation.

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"RailX is now a trailblazer in sustainable logistics, offering a user-friendly, impactful solution to our clients."

A User-Centric, Eco-Friendly Digital Platform

The RailX platform was designed to act like the Trainline for containers, offering an intuitive and seamless booking experience. Our solution enabled businesses, especially those that traditionally found rail freight inaccessible, to easily transition to this eco-friendlier transportation method.

Key features of the platform included:

  • An approved and certified carbon calculator, developed in conjunction with Pledge, to provide transparent CO2 savings calculations.

  • Integration with ‘port-to-door’ managed solutions, inclusive of ‘final-mile’ deliveries by road.

  • A user-friendly interface that paralleled popular B2C platforms like Trainline, Uber, and, ensuring effortless accessibility and integration.

Tesimonial Backround
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“As Co-Founder of RailX, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that Doddle's expertise has had on our digital platform. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of our vision for a sustainable rail freight marketplace were pivotal. We've not just developed a platform; we've created an ecosystem that is reshaping our industry."

Steve FreemanCo-Founder, RailX

A Sustainable Shift in Freight Logistics

Since its launch, the RailX platform has significantly impacted the freight industry. It has enabled a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, making a substantial contribution to environmental sustainability. The platform has also enhanced the efficiency and reliability of the logistics and supply chain sector.

Our partnership with RailX has been a testament to our ability to create digital solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The platform’s success in reducing carbon footprints and its growing user base demonstrates the powerful impact of combining innovative technology with a commitment to sustainability.

Building a Future-Proof Digital Solution

In creating the RailX platform, we not only delivered a solution that met the immediate needs of our client but also built a future-proof tool that is set to evolve with the industry and hopefully pave the way for more sustainable logistics.

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