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Finbridge Global

A unique digital platform to assess fintechs’ capabilities and connect them with the right financial institution or investor.

Finbridge Global, an innovative platform that aims to bridge the collaboration gap between Financial Institutions and fintech startups. 

Globally, more and more fintechs are disrupting the financial services industry by leveraging technology to offer more accessible and personalised financial solutions for customers. Financial Institutions increasingly invest in or leverage fintech solutions to enhance their service offerings, streamline operations, and stay competitive. Finbridge Global helps Financial Institutions connect with fintechs and provides the bridge (the inspiration behind their Venice inspired logo) to make this process effortless, effective and compliant. 

Their leadership team had decades of global banking experience at C-Suite level and knew that to achieve their vision at-scale they needed a digital platform which gave them the ability to get to market quickly and refine the product based on early adopter feedback. 

Before we engaged with Finbridge they were encountering challenges with a traditional high-code approach, finding progress slower than anticipated but the team quickly realised the speed and agility of low-code and OutSystems. We mobilised our in-house team to get to work with a launch timeline of just 10 weeks. 

The MVP was feature rich, with onboarding, multiple customer interfaces, searching, scoring, private messaging, and transactional emails, as well as flexible assessments. The need for a more efficient development process was important so we could release and test effectively.  

Working with the product team we developed a vision board and wireframed the platform in detail. We wanted the platform to feel fresh and "techy” but still comfortable and easy to use. We considered how the data model needed to be structured, how the visual elements of the platform needed to look and feel and what the key areas of the build were.  

The Finbridge Assessment tool provides a powerful and flexible engine to capture valuable data about companies and their technology landscape.

The development of the assessment engine began with the task of Identifying the types of question, the scoring methodology and the way this should be categorised. This was soon followed by the question of how to normalise answers into a Finbridge Score, a useful indicator for financial institutions as to the maturity of a Fintech.  

Compliance is so important for large financial organisations, so ensuring that any interaction with other organisations was tracked and the full communication history was auditable and exportable was key. 

One of the attractions of using the Finbridge platform it’s ability to streamline the RFI and due diligence process. Organisations can connect, communicate and ask questions or request information and all of this is contained on-platform and can be shared with other members of the team transparently.  

Example conversation with Finbridge
FBG insights and newsfeed

We wanted to create a community feel that was personalised to each user and so we created dashboards for each persona which showcased useful metrics, benchmarks, news and product updates

We chose OutSystems because of it’s speed and agility but also its enterprise grade resillience and security. OutSystems integrates security into every layer of its infrastructure and application lifecycle, employing strategies like encryption, web application firewalls, and intrusion detection to safeguard data and operations. Its use of Infrastructure-as-Code and container technology ensures that deployments are automated, consistent, and secure, with a focus on minimizing vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with security standards. 

From concept to launch in just 10 weeks, Finbridge is a ground-breaking product that has since grown to over 100 organisations and generated an investment of £500k.  

We continue to work closely with the product team to shape the vision for the future, and it’s super exciting to be along for the journey

For more information, please visit the Finbridge Global website or read the investment press release here

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