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A ground breaking digital platform to transform mental fitness startup Cognomie

Cognomie, a leader in mental wellness services faced the challenge of scaling and evolving their coaching delivery. The goal was to launch a minimal viable product (MVP) to streamline their business process and improve the customer experience.

When we first met Cognomie it was clear that they already had a fantastic product, but lacked the technology to allow to scale their coaching to thousands of customers. We set about working with their product team to hone in on the areas ripe for innovation and quickly identified the requirements for MVP. We set an aggressive target of 12 weeks from discovery to go-live.

With a timeline set for the MVP launch, we focused on a development approach that combined speed and scalability, leveraging the incredible agility of the OutSystems platform. Collaborating closely with the business experts and product team, we went through several rounds of prototyping and iteration, working in agile sprints with quick release cycles.

Special attention was given to the UI and customer journey, providing a personalised experience.

Client portal showing upcoming sessions

We wanted to keep the experience on-platform, providing clients with the option to book slots and allowing coaches to manage their availability.

The final solution allowed coaches to manage their diaries easily, with the platform syncing to their calendars in real-time, so they didn't have to duplicate effort. Coaches could include calendars, set working hours, and even what time zones they were comfortable working against.

For clients it was as easy as finding a slot in their coach's calendar and booking, all through the platform. The clients could specify their preferred choice of virtual meeting (Teams, Zoom, 8x8, or Google Meet) and the system would automatically create and send the invitation to both parties. It worked seamlessly.

Underpinning the core of the platform was the "Cognosis", a bespoke mental fitness assessment that provided clients with a mental fitness score and personalised suggestions.

We developed a framework for creating, sending and scoring assessments through an intuitive back end interface, meaning admins could create and flex depending on the client. Admins had total control over the question set, the scoring and weighting and the method of delivery; either on-platform, or making them available externally, which was great for LinkedIn surveys or pre-engagement exercises.

Furthermore, to improve the way the Cognosis results were made available to clients, we transformed a standard PDF report into an interactive, feature-rich tool offering drill down insights, charting and goal-setting.

Cognomie mental fitness report
Cognomie mental fitness report

As well as the beautiful front-end interfaces for clients and coaches, we also created an incredibly powerful 'back-office' view - It really is the engine room of the platform and gives the business a huge degree of flexibility.

It was important that Cognomie had the ability to create and manage coaching projects, support coaches and clients, and monitor platform utilisation.

Cognomie admin centre showing ongoing projects

The matching engine in particular automatically analysed the best match between a coach and clients based on multiple factors, including client preference, skills, experience and availability.

What became really powerful was when we brought this functionality in to the back-office allowing the business to test various matching scenarios which helped them to identify improvements and gaps that needed filling.

Tesimonial Backround
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"Calling this a project doesn’t do it justice. This was building an entire business platform from scratch, and with doddle and OutSystems, we were able to do so in a matter of weeks. Cognomie is still in the early stages of its journey, but our ability to get to market quickly has already made a measurable impact and enabled us extend vital support during the challenging winter and peak of the COVID crisis.”

Tim KneenChief Commercial Officer, Cognomie

In just a year post-launch, the Cognomie platform supports over 50 organisations, with thousands of their staff members engaging and connecting with hundreds of mental fitness coaches.

The feedback has been exceptional with a 50-80 percent enhancement in mental fitness scores, and Cognomie boasts an impressive Net Promoter Score exceeding 95 percent.

For more information, please visit the Cognomie website or view the Cognomie OutSystems Case Study

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