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Replacing an off-the-shelf LMS with a bespoke, AI powered learning platform for a global thought leader in change management

The team at Capability for Change were looking to replace their off-the-shelf LMS with a bespoke, AI powered learning platform, addressing a gap in the market and creating a scalable solution to facilitate change management across global organisations. 

Capability for Change are a global leader in Change Management, headed up by Melanie Franklin a thought leader, practitioner, author and Chief Examiner for two global qualifications in organisational change and transformation. They had been operating with an off-the-shelf LMS to deliver their micro-learning modules (neurohacks) and resources to their customers, however the lack of flexibility and personalisation meant it was time to invest in something that would allow them to scale and innovate.  

The goal was to replace the existing LMS with a bespoke web-platform to provide a modern accessible and personalised learning experience to users.

A mock design for how we wanted the platform to look

In our efforts to launch the MVP within a tight 14-week time frame, we sought a technology solution geared towards rapid and scalable development.

Opting for the cutting-edge low-code development platform, OutSystems we were able to immediately start building the application on a cloud native architecture, ensuring our team could focus on what really mattered – the product. 

Our collaborative approach involved close coordination with Business Leaders, SMEs, and the Product Team. Together, we brainstormed, prototyped, scoped and prioritised requirements, crafted a robust data model, and orchestrated development through a series of agile sprints.

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We wanted to build a tool that was familiar, drawing inspiration from other content platforms to establish a user experience which hit the right notes.  

It was important to retain the personal touch so new users are met with a ‘Welcome’ video narrated by founder Melanie explaining the vision behind the platform. With common features such as playlists, saved for later, reviews and feedback, it is easy to explore and enjoy. Whilst exploring the concept of playlists we decided to extend this even further to also provide the option for a ‘Guided Path’ – a collection of content where progression is key, starting off with simple concepts and building into more advanced topics. 

To build trust and authenticity we thought about ways to manage the review process - limiting feedback and reviews to users who have watched the content. Users can easily stay on track with their professional development with their own journey page, allowing them to see what they previously watched and to continue from where they left off.

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One of the core features of the platform was its AI powered problem search, which would recommend suitable resources based on the user's query or situation.  

To achieve this, we developed a sophisticated meta-data mapping engine to ensure that the relevant content could be tagged and indexed, following extensive hours of rigorous testing to refine the model and validate the accuracy of the responses. This process was particularly challenging, ensuring the model was versatile enough to cater for different types of question different tones and different communication styles.

Integrating with a generative AI framework was necessary, with a particular focus on ensuring the performance was optimised for a great user experience. Finally, we connected this into the front-end with a beautiful, chat-style user interface. Overall, the AI powered search engine is an incredibly powerful feature and gives Capability for Change the modern edge in the market. 

AI search providing a selection of videos to watch based on your question

Whilst we’re quick to celebrate our AI engine, the personalised growth clients can take within the platform is something that is equally as important.  

Users can track their progress in their profile, looking back at what they have achieved, seeing what is next on their journey, and being able to quickly share impactful videos they have saved without searching through hundreds of videos.

Reviews of a guided path

Crucial to the product is the back-office portal providing the management team with the ability to manage content, administer users and monitor utilisation.  

We developed the platform’s content management system to meet the demands of an ever growing and developing streaming platform. The ability to upload new content is seamless and allows content to be scheduled ahead of time. A comprehensive tagging system allows the curators to make sure the content will appear in the right places throughout the platform. 

To understand what works well with customers, measuring engagement was vital so we worked with the business to build real-time dashboards to highlight certain metrics such as the live numbers of viewers, minutes watched, reviews, ratings and more - giving the team a clear sight of what to improve and what content would be valuable. With each video open to reviews and feedback, both anonymous and named, the team can review, understand and respond to comments and manage customer satisfaction.  

Tesimonial Backround
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"Deciding to partner with Doddle was a great decision. I was impressed by their clear plan, dividing the work into 2 week sprints, ensuring that my team and I were involved at kick-off and close down of each sprint. This enabled us to move from an initial idea to a fully functioning product, ready for our users within only 14 weeks. At every meeting, members of the Doddle team offered insights that built on the original ideas and added new functionality. They were immediately responsive to our questions, and came back with thoughtful answers and options for how to fulfil our requirements. The use of AI to power our offering has caught the attention of our users, cementing our reputation for innovation and quality."

Melanie FranklinCEO Capability for Change

The ChangeabilityPro platform is now actively being used by organisations to enact on their change transformation programmes. The community is thriving, and the content produced by Melanie and her team has become more relevant and more targeted because of the platform and the insights it has delivered since launch. The technology roadmap has also grown, with new exciting features already being planned for 2024 and further expansion into other markets and territories.  

For more information, please visit the Capability For Change website 


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